How To Spray Paint Your Car

Have you wanted to give your motorbike, truck or car a new coat of paint to make it look great?
Have you wanted to learn how to spray paint but never had the time, or thought you had the skills to do it?
Do you want to do basic car body work paint repairs, but don’t know where to start?
Do you want a unique custom paint finish on your vehicle?

You can now, as there is a step by step course that you can learn tips and professional techniques in two hours. This will enable you to do body work repairs and paint your vehicle to a professional standard.

Discover the secrets and inside information only professionals know, to get a great custom spray paint job on cars, motorbikes and trucks.
Better still, you can purchase the equipment to do a professional paint job for less than $200

You will gain training, with detailed and clear instructions for:-

(1) A summary of spray painting, and car touch up painting tips, and respray techniques.

(2) The preventative measures to take, and safety precautions you need to follow.

(3) How to use primers, and priming techniques.

(4) How to inspect your vehicle and determine to process of repair.

(5) Selection of spray guns, and how to use them.

(6) Masking and sanding techniques.

(7) How to apply paint base coats, and clear lacquer coats.

(8) What equipment you will need, and where to source it from.

Learning how to spray paint and do bodywork repair is a skill that takes practice and preparation, and it is very achievable for the average person.
Those incredible paint jobs you see on hot looking cars are the work of somebody with artistic talent, but it’s just someone like you and me who’s trained how to do it.

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