Applications For the Samsung Blackjack II Cell Phone

The Samsung Blackjack II cell phone is a very powerful device, with some amazing applications that can be downloaded from the web. When you get a new Blackjack II, it already comes standard with some applications, but the first one to check is your Windows Mobile operating system. All newer copies of the Blackjack II are being shipped with Windows Mobile 6.1, but if you got an early copy, it may have Windows Mobile 6.0. If you have 6.0, there is a pretty complex procedure for the Blackjack II to update to 6.1. Unless you are an accomplished geek, better to take it to a retail outlet for your carrier, and let them do it for you.

Windows 6.1 gives you pretty realistic access to the Internet on your Blackjack II, with many web pages behaving much the same way that they would using a desktop with Windows Internet Explorer. There are some pages that won’t work, however. An example is Hulu, the website advertised during the Superbowl as a plot to turn your mind to mush through watching TV. For those sites, there is a beta application for the Blackjack II and other phones called Skyfire. Skyfire will display a mini-version of a true Windows Internet Explorer experience on your phone. Instead of tabbing to selections, you have a pointer, which you can use to zoom, and then select. This little beta application is free, and the power is amazing.

With Windows 6.1, you get little mini-versions of Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel. You can load your files on your memory card for your phone, and then you can call them up on your Blackjack II and read them. You can even do very simple editing. To start out, save a blank Word doc and a blank Excel spreadsheet to your memory card. That way, if you want to create a new file, you can just edit these blank ones and save them under a different name. Don’t expect too much from these applications, because very few commands are available.

If you like to play video on your phone, there is an application called TCPMP which allows your Blackjack II to play DIVX format video. The result is amazing video quality and clarity for such a small device. In addition to loading the player, you will need to save your video in a format that can be played by the DIVX on the phone, which means cutting it to the proper size and frame rate. Not difficult, but time consuming for your computer.

If you would like GPS navigation, your carrier will offer you a fine monthly service. Or, you can get by for free by loading Google maps on your Blackjack II. Google maps will use cell tower information to give an approximate fix on your location, but you can do much better. Google maps will have a menu selection called “Use GPS”. Once you select that, set your phone in the most open place you can, like up by the windshield, and give it five minutes to do its magic. When you look again, there should be a satellite fix, and as long as you are showing the map where you are, you will see your position within a few feet. The volume button lets you zoom in and out, but you need data service if the map isn’t already loaded, so don’t wait until you are out in the boonies to turn it on. The GPS uses battery rapidly.

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