Developing Windows Phone 7 Applications

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft. It is a completely rewritten OS focused on consumers rather enterprises. It is quite different than competitors like iPhone and Android OS. WP7 is based on UI (User Interface) of tiles in place of icons. The new system separates and puts it one step ahead of other operating systems. Microsoft has already declared that WP7 is targeted to consumer market thus it supports a number of game and entertainment applications. This has led to an obvious demand of Windows Phone 7 development in market.

For software developers engaged in WP7 application development, it has become easy to provide the exact solution as clients are looking for. Developers are well aware of Windows technologies that allow them to easily conceptualize an app. Microsoft offers technology and framework to simplify the process of Windows app development. Generally, developers should have good knowledge of following technologies.

• Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
• Microsoft Silverlight
• Microsoft.NET
• Microsoft ASP.NET
• XNL (Extensible Name Language)
• XAML (Extensible Application Mark-up Language)
• C#

Microsoft offers almost all software languages and framework to developers. Mobile software companies are up to date with each of the technologies provides by Microsoft for Windows Phone development. We know that when it comes to development of mobile applications, regardless of platforms like iOS, Android, Symbian BlackBerry or WP7, developers should have painstaking knowledge of SDK (Software Development Kit) of the particular OS. The above given technologies should be considered as the part of Windows Phone 7 SDK. Software development companies blend these technologies to develop a wide range of applications and games for WP7 platform.

Though, some people may ask that why do they need of Windows Phone 7 development while operating systems like iOS, Android and BlackBerry are already performing well? Some of the reasons are as follows:

• It is a fastest growing smartphone OS like iOS or Android and its demand among user is increasing rapidly.
• It is targeted to consumer market which means it provides support to high quality gaming and entertainment apps.
• Not only games and entertainment apps, but it also provides a stable platform for business application development.

It also supports most of the features of modern mobile technology that allows developers to work on a variety of apps like Accounting Apps, Contact Management System, Custom Speed Dial Apps, Digital Signage solutions, Industry/ business specific apps, Inventory Management, MIS Tracking, Navigational Apps, News and Weather apps, Online Catalogs, PDF Reader and so on.

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